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Supreme Ecstasy What is its Purpose?

I read that Aurobindo had encounters with Vivekananda when he was in prison.

I had   encounter / meetings  with   family members, and other beings in that innermost sanctuary  where life and death looses all meaning. . . Had encounter with Kwan Yin and received the most blessed Initiation from Her.    how is this possible?  
Mutually outward-pouring of love-vibrations / spiritual bliss  creates a lot of meta- traction and at the critical mass point  we stop vibrating / stops spinning, and  we  are teleported  to a place in our consciousness beyond space and time and hang out in this  innermost sanctuary called the Causal plane . We still feel,  think, communicate,  our touch is real.   This is natural,  it  happens naturally  and in accordance with the Divine Will . 
This is also a plane where at its  most high 'resolution'  the ascended mystic - whose consciousness is concentrated in the causal body - receives Divine revelations and Visions.  It is (also) a place where  we have Yogic experiences.

 In advanced Soul evolution  we  directly know this Bliss-energy in every fiber of our being, we hear its constant spin in the energy field around us as well.
 It is this  Bliss body which attracts both the positive and  the negative thought forms,  emotions /feelings,  and all kinds of information  into  my vast energy field (for 'transmutation' purposes).  This is possible because my nervous system uncoiled to infinity.   All that  gets decoded  once I'm in  Deep Samadhi-bliss state.  This is also why I named my work on energy level 'Cosmic Tonglen Duty'.  

Bhagavadgita says  that attaining   supreme ecstasy is the highest goal.   This  "spiritual Bliss"  --  which some of us call Kundalini Shakti Power-force --  supports and sustains the visible and invisible universes.  One who is plugged permanently  to this frequency releases  Bliss energy  via the Crown chakra - which  spreads its influence via the  subtle planes for the benefit of all beings,   for the sake of evolution of consciousness itself. 
This is the individual bodily representation of the Ultimate Cosmic  power /  Eros / Divine Shakti,   manifesting as the individual consciousness once  it  gets plugged into the consciousness of the Supreme Divine.  This is a point at which the Soul goes beyond the 'unity' and  recognizes its identity with  its source and All that is.           

Example of how  this 'decoding'  plays itself out: This AM hr.,  I  heard , for my ears only,  message....Next instant  I became a  blissfully spinning vortex of energy-consciousness.
Once the ecstatic spinning ceased,  before  my  eye of contemplation , the  word-message played itself out  - as if  seeing on  'screen''  - because perfectly visible -  the  senders intentions  towards me This  particular  was  very "mean".  During waking hours I hear with the left side / ear its frequency and I know what to expect once I'm in Deep samadhi.   Shakti frequency is my protection. I  have nothing to fear because its job is to fry to crisp all unsavory energies.
 I  much prefer  those with right ear perceived  vibrations that sometimes sound like flute, other times like  high pitch  vibrations. It's message  is always, always something very clear and dear to my heart.  

This is my karma, my lot to endure. . .
I was  very early in life very sensitive to what was going on around me.  My  grrrl-child self  experienced lucid adventures in  subtle dream states, and not a stranger to  mystical feelings while awake.
I remember well one day . . . . .

drawing with a stick a large circle in the sand and standing in its middle
awestruck at the star-studded sky . . .
Drinking in the Milky Way/s beauty, which in the neck of woods
called the Masurian Lake District (in Poland where I was born and raised)
was as clear and bright as it gets . . .
Almost trembling with excitement at intuiting something  immense .... a question forming around the edges of my mind,  a word-defying longing deep within my being that my child-self  felt  with all my being - yet for the life of me I could not articulate this yearning.

Years later  this  immense something and its energy, introduced itself to my consciousness and it was none other than  Kundalini Shakti's Divine Force.   Because of this - because  of Shakti and Shiva's eternal embrace,   I  understood.  Now I have the Knowledge and the words to express what has been  revealed to me, and to the best of my simple ability write here without looking over my shoulder.
I have been jeered at, told. "you give drugs a bad name", still it doesn't change  the fact I am plugged on energy level to (spiritual) Bliss frequency,  doesn't change the fact  that what happened to me, happened to other beings, also, and we simply bear witness to this  Mystery.

The Divine doesn't  reject  its not yet divinised portions of itself --  but I understand why it is inconceivable for one who is not yet a vehicle for the Divine Force,  to  accept  that someone like me - a big nobody -  talks about these things.  Not something I ever heard of  before, but it happened to me and I  named it in accordingly. 


Holographically speaking  all this supposed to makes sense, and I have been  alert to what the hard sciences say about  energy and non-locality.  Is 'entanglement' the answer?  In 2002 I bought a book about this and got all fired up!  I recall reading passages to my husband  from it while he was busy doing something in his basement workshop --  because finally, there was something  written by a  respected scientist  which struck a 'this is true', chord within me.

Amir D. Aczel, in his book Entanglement The Greatest Mystery In Physics, writes that theoretically speaking even "teleportation" of the "beem me up Scotty" sort (of the Star Trek kind) , is possible.
Well, I learned that  it IS POSSIBLE,  but the  w/ other souls  encounters take place in the subtle / causal domains. 

No one can tell what's what exactly, but the they  do agree that  at the quantum level something mysterious is going on.  Quote, "Abner Shimony has referred to entanglement as "passion at a distance," in an effort to avoid the trap of assuming that one can somehow use entanglement to send a message faster than light." (....) 
"Other physicists, however, believe that the "spirit of relativity theory" still is violated by entanglement, because "something" (whatever it may be) does "travel" faster than light (in fact, infinitely faster) between two entangled particles. The late John Bell was of this belief."

We are Souls of a single Reality, this is why I like Amir's reinforcing quote:

"Entanglement particles transcend space. The two or three entangled entities are really parts of one system, and that system is unaffected by physical distance between its components. The system acts as a single entity.

What is fascinating about the quest for entanglement is that a property of a quantum system was first detected by mathematical considerations."

(also) Amir : "We know from de Broglie's work that particles have a wave-aspect to them, and that the wavelength associated with a particle can be computed. Thus, in principle, even a person can have an associated wave-function. (There is another technical point here, which is beyond what we can discuss in this book, and it is that a person or another macroscopic object would not be in a pure state, but rather in a "mixture" of states.) The answer to the question as to how the teleportation of a person might be carried out can restated as the question: Is a person the sum of many elementary particles, each with its own wave-function, or a single wave-function (of a very short wavelength)? At this point in time, no one has a clear answer to this question, and teleportation is therefore still a real phenomenon only within the realm of the very small." 

It follows then  that,  even though the Bhagavadgita says that finding "supreme ecstasy" is the final goal, but  I need to add that I discovered in my very body-mind-soul that  there is another layer to this mystery, and  the  truly final  Supreme Goal  is  Divine Labour.

Now,  Eros and Agape  (Shakti / Shiva, or Holy Spirit - our awakened Soul, and her Source/Godhead) are at the helm of ones destiny - a destiny, which is one with the collective consciousness . . . And that 'nirvana' is only half of the spiritual coin, because (true) Nirvana is only the means through which the final goal can be achieved. 

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