Thursday, June 10, 2010

Supreme Ecstasy What is its Purpose?

I read that Aurobindo had encounters with Vivekananda when he was in prison. I had encounters/meetings with beings in that innermost sanctuary where life and death loses all meaning. The most blessed of all was my with Kwan Yin meeting which included receiving Goddess/Energy Initiation from Her. (I'm sure I described in detail what transpired already).
How is such a thing possible? One who has the experience of the  nervous system  stretching into infinity (literally, not symbolically),   bears witness to this Event (Initiation).   During the journey through Celestial Light and Sound, one has all types of 'Blissful experience' -  the one that's most delightful is when one's being becomes blissfully spinning vortex of Energy.
Spiritual love's vibrations (Bliss) creates a lot of meta-traction and at the critical mass-point we stop vibrating and are teleported to a place/dimension of like Vibrations. . .where the Soul  receives Divine Revelations. This is natural, it happens naturally and in accordance with the Divine Will. At this Kosmic address one discovers that via the Crown chakra see and feel the flow of Celestial Light/Shakti Bliss/Supreme Satchitananda/ Holy Spirit,  into world's hologram.
 I named my Energy Work Cosmic Tonglen Duty - but  there is more to it than having Shakti-Light flow. . . I'm sure I covered this topic already.
 I have yet to meet anyone who talks about this and all its ramifications.

In adulthood I realized  that my child-self  had  very intense (but minor in comparison)  mystical experiences. I recall,  as if it was yesterday,  once I drew a large circle in the sand  parked myself in the middle and gazed awe-struck at the star studded sky's canopy.  .  . The longer I stood there, the more I felt. I was in a state of 'trembling excitement' because I intuited something so immense coupled with a  word-defying deep yearning to know something . . .and a question forming around the edges of my mind which I could not articulate.

Years later this immense something introduced itself to my consciousness - and it was none other than Kundalini Shakti's Force-Bliss.
The Bhagavadgita says that finding supreme ecstasy is the goal - and I agree - but I discovered that on the other side of the same Kosmic Coin  it is written: 'Cosmic Tonglen Duty'.

Many think that Nirvana is the end goal,  some of us discovered it the means through which the final goal can be achieved... It is  a starting point of Soul's journey through Celestial Light and Sound.
Aurobindo said - and I agree - that:
The voidness (if by that you mean silence and emptiness of thoughts, movements, etc.)  is the basic condition into which the higher consciousness can flow.  +  By "void" is meant emptiness clear of all contents except existence pure and simple. Without that one cannot realise the silent Brahman. + The silence can remain when the blankness is gone. All sorts of things can pour in and yet the silence still remains, but if you become full of force, light, Ananda, knowledge etc. you cannot call yourself blank any longer.

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