Friday, August 12, 2016

Universal Vision

Time to splash some  ink in this blog!

My latest attempt at articulating my Soul's journey through the Light Sound and Sight, was in my thread titled:   Manjusri Speaks - Universal Vision, started in October 2015.  One  who chose to follow the link to that website  may not wish to read it again.

 I  decided to include in this blog  most of its content.  Some,  like this first post,  is  presented  in its edited  form.
 Starting today I will chip away at it slowly, but surely.
Dear Souls, may the meaning within these words inspire you to keep on keeping on, even when the going gets rough.  I survived:)

I will start by saying that few days ago, Manjusri's emanation in its Fierce form and uncompromising Intent introduced itself to my consciousness while I was floating in a sea of Pure Bliss.  .  .
 His bull-headed Form (one who defeats Yama, god of death) began circling me at neck-breaking speed.  I recognized the 'you and I are not two', message.
This was not the first time Manjusri captured my attention.

Tanks to Google, I learned first time yesterday that Manjusri is universally regarded as  both the historical bodhisattva, and as the primordial white Buddha who is compared to the sun, and as the "bull-headed" Form.  To this point I knew (only) about his  double-edged sword signifying realization of the transcendent wisdom  whose  task is to  cut down ignorance and duality. I knew about the  left-hand holding lotus (part) which  signifies  attainment of ultimate realization from blossoming wisdom.

Mythic Lords, Goddesses and Angels are personifications of mystical attributes of one's consciousness'  enlightened qualities / capabilities / powers.  These Potentials are the province of the fully awakened  eternal self-Soul (once the individual achieves unbroken continuity of awareness through all states).
I like this (reminding)  quote penned by Ken Wilber in The Eye of Spirit,  on High Archetypes, p. 237:

In advanced evolution, the deity-Archetype emerges, is introduced to consciousness (in the subtle realm), the self then identifies with and as that Deity, and operates from that identification.  The self then no longer exclusively bound to the ego, but it is bound to its Archetype.  The point is that as each higher-order structure emerges, the self eventually identifies with that structure -- which is normal, natural, appropriate. As evolution proceeds, however, each level in turn is differentiated from the self, or "peeled off", so to speak. The self, that is, eventually dis-identifies with its present structure so as to identify with the next higher-order emergent structure. 

I didn't study any of the mystical traditions scriptures and knew nothing at all what  Kundalini Shakti experiences within one's interior are like / about, but found out in a hurry  when Her unsolicited  Force-Power  began working in me. It took many years to integrate all that I have been introduced too.  Articulating  in clear and simple words what this journey is like  has been a huge challenge for me!
But 'figured it out', I did,  with the help of beings who left written records of their  Soul-level experiences...These experiences are the very stepping stones to ever-wider domains of consciousness.

        Heart's Invitation

Your mind's fragrance, together with mine
Like rainbow's  water droplets dance upon sun's rays
To the tune The Harvest of Joy in rhythmic silence

You are like the flute through which your heart's
 pure longing turns to music

Your heartbeats are in My heart and in your longing is My longing
In our durability we are deathless like the always ever-same
Lilac's  intoxicating fragrance.

Friday, March 18, 2016

quick note on blog's makeover

I am not yet finished,  but it  feels great that after many-to-myself promises to do this -- to not only tweak-edit, but delete  the most cringe-worthy posts --  I  finally managed (in the recent while) to edit quite a few and  delete about a hundred!

I noticed that  my writing has improved, and this is the best part!

Monday, February 8, 2016

blog makeover!

This blog is undergoing  major makeover construction.   The  new and improved  look  will be created  by  one whose generosity of selfless service is GREATLY appreciated by me!

 The red and blue text is harsh on the eyes but at some point it will disappear.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Links to My Blogs

It is mid-summer and I don't feel like writing much . . . I have been somewhat busy on another site and if you are  curious,  pls.  have a look-see what I've been up to there, lately.

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Adding another link to my blog on Integral Life website.

If interested pls. check out recently started thread:  Manjusri Speaks - Universal Sight

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Celestial Music/Sounds NASA Recordings

This day's post is inspired by (first time heard) NASA 's recordings from space, and hope  you too  will find those celestial music/sounds just as breathtaking as I have. . .
Earth's sounds . . .so enchanting!
"Plasma wave antenna was used to record the vibrations all within the range of human hearing
(20-20,000 Hz)."
About 23 years ago I  was stunned when I heard in the middle of the night  what I could only describe as 'the sky is singing!' -- and shared  that experience in one of my early blogs, titled:  Innocence Keeper.  If curious?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bearing Witness

Hello dear Friends! -- old and new ones! --  lots of you from South Korea!  Warmest welcome to all who stop by even though  I don't post very often.

Today's post is a reflection on how despite countless objections /obstacles to  what I share, my inner Warrior kept on going (on the website I still post on - how much longer? time will tell). I wrote these words on my Facebook page (* something I riffed on in this blog already).


Long time ago I was very naive to presume that my supramental Depth data would be appreciated, then learned that for many,  I became the target of all kinds of character defamation slurs and other lame accusations.
The impetus to unpack/unravel the mysteries of spiritual experiences and its mystical data - my own, as well those of my students - was fueled by 'HOW is such a thing possible'?,   and felt compelled to look to 'hard sciences' to see if I could find something that would help me place those (transpersonal) experiences in scientific context .  (* Both prerational and transpersonal / transconceptual, are non-rational).
Entanglement comes closest to what I was searching for because of statements like these:

"Two particles are mysteriously linked together, Whatever happens to one of them immediately causes a change in the other one, whether it is two millimeters away or on the other side of the universe."  +  "Entangled particles transcend space. The two or three entangled entities are really parts of one system, and that system is unaffected by physical distance between its components. The system acts as a single entity. What is fascinating about the quest for entanglement is that a property of quantum system was first detected by mathematical considerations."  (* bingo!)  +   "But the quantum theory does not tell us why things happen the way they do:  why are the particles entangled?"
Quoted with gratitude from: Entanglement The Greatest Mystery In Physics, penned by Amid D. Aczel.
At this juncture, I can say with out most confidence that I KNOW why my mystical experiences were/are as real as the chair I'm sitting on, and not the  product  of my imagination, but rather something that introduced itself to my awakened eternal self-Soul's consciousness.
I am also very much aware of their significance for me personally and their impact on the collective consciousness.
I am most grateful to Aurobindo and his for-me-verifying work. . . I am glad I chanced upon his writings many years after  Kundalini Shakti / Holy Spirit and its Living Light began working its THING into my body-mind-soul system.  Glad, because no one can accuse me of translating / parroting Aurobindo'esk.
I fully acknowledge that my writing  - what I share - is not everyone's cup of tea, but this is my GIFT I have been entrusted with to share with those who may find it interesting and helpful in some way.
Many travel to distant lands then share photos of their adventures. . .Others share their Art, some demonstrate how artfully they live their lives, etc., and so on - and all this is really great! - it is all as it should be.
My writing is not about 'boasting', but bearing witness to (affirming) that the consciousness of the awakened (anyone's) Soul and its supramental Depth data /  Divine revelations,  aught not to be kept 'under the bushel'.  All ascended mystics shared their stories with the intention to inspire and uplift others. It is our duty to disclose we are more than what the Materialists would have us believe.