Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Regions of Consciousness Beyond Nonduality

Levels of Reality that exists independent of human reasoning mind includes the domain of  existence where the most secret things pass between Soul and God.  Those things are  visible/knowable  to the Soul  after  she achieves not only Union with, but also Identification with the Supreme Being and its Bliss-Essence. . .The term  Divine Revelation denotes exactly that, because this Knowledge is given to one who reached this Cosmic address. I adopted the term Divine Revelations  because 'the most secret things'  introduced themselves to the awareness of my ascended Soul.
 I never saw Aurobindo use the term 'Divine Revelation' to identify that, which is beyond the reach of intellect and its  never-ending 'reasoning' --  but I did see him unpack the  meaning couched within the word  Intuition,  and am glad to say we are both on the same page!   Different words,  same meaning couched within the written word.
Quote:   (Intuition)  is a region of higher consciousness, which would seem to pertain more to a very high stage of realization, far beyond ordinary nonduality, rather than intuition in the ordinary sense of the term. To avoid this confusion, I sometimes refer to it Revelatory Absolute.

Folks who have a very strong negative reaction to what I-Soul bear witness to, (Divine Revelations), are one hundred percent convinced what I share is the product of  'irrational mind' - therefore, it ought  to be rejected and aggressively  'take out' anyone who bears witness to higher/deeper view of Reality, reject  Depth's data.
This is not surprising.  Cognitive dissonance creates an extremely uncomfortable  feeling, and  because it is incompatible with the core belief of a denier, anything that smells like  'evolutionary mysticism' is perceived as pure nonsense.
Some argue, it is possible to reach the 'deniers'  by focusing on that which  unites us (our shared values as opposed to arguing differing view-points), in order to have a more productive full-spectrum discussion.  That, engagement on the 'what unites us' is the way to go - and  this approach could prove to be productive in the cultural/political arena - so by all means do that.
In the Soul physics domain,  'full spectrum discussion' is out of the question for the reasons I already outlined.
I am pleased I have Aurobindo's for-me-verifying words which confirms that,  not the intellect, but instead:  It is the supramental Power that transforms mind, life and body.
Spiritualised consciousness bears witness to this! The life mind can't reach the Bliss of Brahman in the ultimate sense (there are many levels of bliss). On this Path -  through transcendent Light and Sound -  the Soul undergoes many types of Initiations before She gets plugged to the supreme supracosmic Satchitananda/Bliss of Brahmman (which is beyond all).  In his poem Bliss of  Identity, Aurobindo describes exactly what this  means and feels like.

                 All nature is taught in radiant ways to move
                 All beings are in myself embraced
                 O fiery boundless Heart of joy and love
                 How art thou beating in a mortal breast!
                 It is Thy rapture flaming through my nerves
                 And all my cells and atoms thrill with Thee;
                My body Thy vessel is and only serves
                As a living wine-cup of Thy ecstasy.
                I am the centre of Thy golden light
                And I its vast and vague circumference
                There are my soul great, luminous and white
                All Thine my mind and will and glowing sense.
                Thy spirit's infinite breath I feel in me;
                My life is a throb of Thy eternity.

*  I am avoiding talking about the part of my Work (on the Energy level) that can only make sense to someone who is ready to be Initiated.  The 'ripe one' will  know what I mean by this *

Some spiritual folks think one needs to have a flesh body sex partner in order to reach 'ultimate enlightenment' -  this is why they can't be expected to believe that what Aurobindo and I discovered is very Real to us. . .That,  a literal (conscious) 'Ultimate Consummation'  between Soul and God - within one's innermost being -  is Real (same as Shiva & Shakti's Erotic Embrace).
The 'non-believing' part is not a 'problem' at all! - because even though beings who are not yet conscious of such Deep Connection to the Creator's Love, can't  ever fall out  of this Cosmic address because God /LOVE  support impartially everything.

In closing I want to give voice to Gopi Krishana, who wrote in The Real Nature of Mystical Experience, that 'ascended mystics':

are recipients of Grace, which lifted them up to a lofty spiritual height to which all human beings have to climb, they become objects of adoration only to one segment of humanity and of indifference, antipathy and even hate to the others. 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Cosmic Tonglen Duty

Long buried,  Cosmic Tonglen Duty got  edit-makeover.
I'm revisiting my lamely written posts from years ago  and am beginning to
 enjoy this still very slow-going process.
I deleted many  - so good riddance to those!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Greatest Mystery of All Decoded

I wrote this post in February 2011 and because it's not too long, I decided to bump it up in its (again) edit-tweaked version.

It is reassuring to me that, even though Sri Aurobindo was such a masterful wordsmith, he too felt it is impossible to express all that we experience.  .  . Still we say something.  I decided to include from, The Synthesis of Yoga - in chapter titled: The Yoga of Divine Love, the following snippets.

It is not possible for the tongue of human speech to tell all the utter unity and all the eternal variety of the ananda of divine love. Our higher and lower members are both flooded with it, the mind and life no less than the Soul: even the physical body takes its share of joy feels its touch, is filled in all its limbs, veins, nerves, with the flowing of the wine of ecstasy, amrta. Love and Ananda are the last secrets, the mystery of mysteries.
Closeness of the human soul to the Divine is the object, and fear sets always a barrier and a distance; even awe and reverence for the divine Power are a sign of distance and division and they disappear in the intimacy of the union of of love. Moreover, fear belongs to the lower nature, to the lower self, and in approaching the higher Self must be put aside before we can enter into its presence. The universalized, personalized, raised to its intensities, made all-occupying, all embracing, all-fulfilling, the way of love and delight gives the supreme liberation. Its highest crest is Supreme union.

Goes without saying that the Supracosmic Union - or, the  (permanent) Ultimate Consummation of the Soul and the Supreme Beloved and one's recognition of the nondual suchness,  (which can be experienced at any lower level) is not the same thing.
The fully ascended Soul and the Supreme Self constitute a single Divine entity, this is why this Kosmic address can't be reached by the intellect no matter how 'razor sharp' it is.
See the difference?
Soul physics' law of Similarity in Vibration is responsible for linking the human Essence/Soul/Light Body with the Essence of the Supreme Beloved. In other words, it is the sound wave reproduction of one's Essence Body, not the actual transport/teleportation of matter body that gets 'attached' to the Original Subject.
Aurobindo's  expressed the Event of 'linking'  in his epic poem Savitri perfectly (I know he is correct because same happened to me)
One-pointed to the immaculate Delight
Questing for God as for a splendid prey
he mounted burning like a cone of fire.
To few is given that godlike release.
And. . .
Divine condition descends from above, is given by the Divine.
The higher spiritual planes create their own formulations
in the subliminal within us.
But. . .
to know them, the Supermind must descend into us.

In this blog I chronicle decades worth of (genuine) mystical Initiations into the Greatest Mystery of All. Such a feat is possible when the Supreme Shakti/Goddess (or the Holy Spirit) takes matters in Her own hands. Without this Support / Grace, my journey through Celestial Sound and Light would never come to fruition. It is She who bestows blessings such as automatic body purification and strengthening; first-hand perception of all the domains of creation, activation of the subtle body's chakras and Siddhi powers, fills one with permanent Bliss, and more.
Spiritual Bliss is not 'emotionalism'. it is a state of being. . .I feel and hear  within my biology the never-ceasing upwards flowing Shakti Vibrations (Erotic Energy)  - from my Crown chakra - into world's hologram via subtle planes. I described this in great detail in my blog titled The River of Light

Edit note:  What I am describing aught NOT to be confused with 'I'm  having sex with hot people and had a 'peak experience' of Oneness'.  Sex gurus and  New Age  newbies  (with many followers)   have  sex partners  and yet claim what I do! How ridiculous!  They claim something they DON'T comprehend and their followers buy it because they too want to be rich, powerful and have hot sex partners.
 No empirical  PROOF of how they came to know what they claim=equals= what they claim is NOT valid! One who craves sex with a mortal is not a fully ascended  being. The reason they crave sex is because their Soul's Essence didn't get fully plugged to the Supreme Satchitananda (Essence -which is above all).  And, because they are not, these folks are not qualified to claim what they do.
In his book Living With Kundalini, Gopi Krishna writes:
A Yogi who tries to revert back to sexual conduct after any form of realization is called a fallen Yogi.

Reading my blog, thinking 'oh I know what she means'...isn't going to cut it, either! Cognitive mind can grasp the concept and believe itself to have ascended to that level.  That's delusion!
Can greedy, power-hungry and vain persons have a chance in hell to be Ravished by the Ultimate Beloved, literally?  Not a chance.
In my post titled Intentions & Motivations takes a closer look at the kind of person who is ready

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Roar of the Timeless Beyond

'The roar of the timeless beyond' saying,  is attributed to the historical Buddha.   One who had the experience of being one with the Roar of the timeless Beyond, can not only describe in great detail the experience, but  See its true Significance. 
The Roar of the timeless Beyond is an actual experience/event - I wrote about it in: On Rapture Musings in 2009.

 Because I know this, I have no choice but assert: those who talk about "ultimate realization", but don't know what the Soul journey through Light and Sound is about,  don't have the last word on what  Soul level Enlightenment is.  Because they can't know what the experience of Union of the Soul with the Essence/Satchitdananda of the Absolute Supreme is, the last word belongs to one who does know. . .
I know that even if the 'realizer'  saw my trans-historical Teaching, it would be either ignored, or rationalized away, because of egoic need to protect its core belief.
 They may even see it, but because what I share (new evidence)  will create a feeling that goes against  their core belief, it will not be accepted.
Many don't know that even the psychic and spiritual transformation takes place within the psycho-emotional line of development.
Many espouse that: "spiritual experiences come and go, too, but there is no longer clinging to ecstasy, bliss, love. We have discovered the source of all things and so feel no compulsion to cling to them".
* I don't want to include this man's name, other than to say, I saw this statement in an article someone posted on Facebook.
This teacher's own words betray him because he doesn't know the difference between Self realization and Soul level Liberation. He doesn't know there are many levels of spiritual Bliss. I experienced all of them . . . and therefore know the difference.
The Upanishad lists ten ascending levels of bliss before one reaches the Bliss of the Eternal Spirit, or, (literal) Shakti/Shiva erotic embrace . . ."and each level a hundredfold the intensity of the proceeding level."
One can cling to a memory of bliss, absolutely -  but there is a difference between something fleeting and  feeling in every fiber of one's being (constant) Bliss and its  crystal-like frequency within, and in the aura-field - which, to my eyes open and spiritualised consciousness, looks like a  field of golden Light (around my head and body discovered by fluke in Summer 1994).
 Spiritual pride belongs to the lower nature, this is why what I share has nothing to do with either spiritual pride, or self promotion. Personal account of inner transformation - grounded in multidimensional evolution into wholeness and transcendence - as revealed by the eternal self-Soul is nothing to be ashamed of!   Aurobindo  didn't apologized for what he knew.  He said, and I second his words:
It is not personal greatness that I am seeking to bring down the Supermind. I care nothing for greatness or littleness in human sense...If human reason regards me as a fool for trying to do what Krishna did not try, I do not in the least care...It is a question between the Divine and myself--whether it is the Divine Will or not, whether I am sent to bring that down or open the way for its descent or at least make it more possible or not. Let all men jeer at me if they will or all Hell fall upon me if it will for my presumption -- I go on till I conquer or perish.

*  Qualifying note: I had unsolicited Kundalini Shakti awakening,  and other than 'submitting' to Her, I 'tried' nothing. I had no idea what was happening to me for a long time since I was not a scholar of mystical traditions. Then I discovered  Aurobindo's work - that happened after I began scribbling in this blog - and to my astonishment exclaimed one day: "I already know this, because this happened to me!"
In his, for-me-verifying poem titled, Light, Aurobindo describes what the experience of Divine Ecstasy is like: (snippet)

Light, burning Light from the Infinitie's diamond heart
Quivers in my heart where blooms a deathless rose.
Light in its rapture leaping through the nerves!
Light, brooding Light! each passionate cell
In a mute blaze of ecstasy preserves
A living sense of the Imperishable.
I  move in an ocean of stupendous Light
Joining my depths to His eternal height.

 Aurobindo's epic poem Savitri, has a verse which describes one of the most sublime experiences, yet at the same time something that's a bit unnerving (at the unset of this type of Initiation each time it happened)  that,  even if I tried to describe in detail the 'soaring beyond' sensation, the 'scenery' and more,  still I would not do justice. . .

One-pointed to the immaculate Delight
Questing for God as for splendid prey,
He mounted burning like a cone of Fire.
To few is given that godlike release.

* Will mention I had couple of soul-level encounters with him (and have it on record in this blog).  Once, we stood shoulder to shoulder and he urged me to 'keep going' when all kinds  internet people took turn at gaslighting me.

Delusion on parade shames one who demonstrates what authentic Soul-level Liberation is like. I get it, and am reminding folks I am performing the Will of the one Spirit.
What I share has nothing to do with desire to shine before others. I, (the Shabd master in me) transcended all power offices.
While I see the nondual  guru type  'good intentions',  I also see that  what they espouse is (at best) partial truth.
In contrast:  I agree with  Gopi Krishna's assertion with reference to those  rare souls who get plugged to Samadhi  permanently:  All the great mystics who have written on the subject have given their own symptoms openly and plainly. That's the tradition. And from their descriptions, one can compare one's own condition."
Scientists write books about their discoveries - some win Nobel prizes.  Musicians are not keeping their gift/music locked up in dark cellar lest someone thinks she/he is boasting, either.  Why should genuine mystic hide her or his Depth data! (our empirical evidence cross-referenced with  community of the adequate). Our experiences is our Depth data's empirical evidence in the Soul physics, field - which has its own law.  Mystical Dimension essay,  is a good example of what a 'great mystic'  must demonstrate  in order to pass the standard ascended mystics set. Our 'bar' is set high...and from our vantage-point we see where others 'bars' are.
My earlier written blogs were lamely composed, still I am very glad I did it  because they chronicle  authentic mystical experiences (not wish-fulfilling thought-forms in dream state or hallucinations).
The Supreme Kundalini Shakti gave me complete Cosmic makeover, and I demonstrate what that's about.  .   . I show:   'see, this thing didn't kill me, so keep on going even when the going gets tough. You are in good hands!'  I'm hoping that what I share will benefit someone whose eternal self Soul is ready to fulfill her ancient plan - if not this lifetime, then at some other time-point.
What I share is not book knowledge.  I read what others wrote after I had the experiences. Many (experiences) didn't get the approving nod from my company of the adequate peers, till many years later.
In On Rapture Musings,  I edit-included this assertion:
Because of these and many other types of Initiations, long time ago I knew: I am neither Christian, or any other world's wisdom tradition mystic, because the Supreme Shakti/Holy Spirit Initiated me into all wisdom traditions. I integrated the 'teaching'   by directly comprehending the essence of each tradition.  This is a point at which one has the spiritual authority to say: I jumped out of all possible systems because I am no longer bound by any of them.

*  In On Raptue Musing, I included one man's response to me from way back (2002) when I was posting in Shambhala forums (which is long gone) - it still makes me smile when I think of it.  I'm smiling now because he saw in me  (snippet) "Within you love is right".

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30/06/2018 Excited to see Cosmic Tonglen Duty in its edited form!

20/06/2018 Finally! got around to edit-improving Sun/Moon He/She Tantric Warrior

19/06/2018 Happy to see:  Astral Emotional Body, in its edit-makeover form (including title)

11/06/2018 River of Light was in need of edit-improvement for clarity's sake

09/06/2018 edit-tweaked

Finally got around to editing Supreme Ecstasy What Is Its Purpose

Looked at couple of my older posts and tweak-edited
Supra Cosmic BrideGroom Has My Back.

In that post I unpack the meaning of  one of my Initiations into Deep Mystery by explaining the significance  of (two) White Horses.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Visionary Theology

Will begin by saying that on the other side of complexity is the simplicity of Divine revelation -- something to be gained for earth consciousness. . .
It's been years since my writing on  Christian mysticism ended,  and I'm  glad I am being guided by the  Living Christ Principle (within my interiority) to revisit this topic  again. . .
Again, I received a Sign that He  has my back, as I continue to struggle to show (in couple of Facebook's groups)   those who insist that  'God is nothing but a childish myth',  that there is more to life than the Materialist would have us believe.
In this post I use the term 'Christian', but in a real sense what I describe, any genuine mystic - no matter the tradition -   can identify with what I call 'cosmic makeover'  (by active Kundalini Shakti/Holy Spirit), we understand  'mechanism of Descent', because we experienced many types of 'Initiations'.
 Sri Aurobindo confirmed this for me:
The Descent of Peace (Sat) the descent of Force of Power (Chit) the descent of Ananda, these are the things that transform nature. It's not really the plane that descends, it is the Power and Truth of it that descends into the material and the veil between the material and it no longer exists. (...)
In the quiet mind turned to the Divine, the initiation comes of the Divine Will and the right way to do it. (...)  that which receives the influence and answers to the call is not so much the intellect, the heart, or the life mind, but the inner soul which better knows the truth of its own destiny and mission.
+ When the Overmind descends, the predominance of the centralizing ego-sense is entirely subordinated, lost in largeness of being and finally abolished; a wide cosmic perception and feeling of a boundless universal Self and movement replaces it. 

Example (one of many) of  what the experience of Descent/Divine Initiation  was like for me? - including link to Cosmic Synchronicity & Confirmation, which includes link to Solar Heart Initiation
Today I received a Sign to revisit my written in the 90's poem titled, Feather On The Breath Of God.
Seen with the eye of Spirit, a crystal clear Vision of White Feather introduced itself to my awareness. This poem was inspired by St. Hildegard von Bingen - because she referred to herself as that.
I grew up in a very 'relaxed'  Christian family,  so it is not surprising I resonated with Christian mystical symbolism.  In this poem I ask questions whose answers I already knew.  I will introduce (again) Feather On The Breath Of God at the end of this essay. . .
I am pretty  sure I talked about this in the first year of blog-scribbling  (in 2009 - which I need to revisit and edit) but because I am re-visiting things, here I goeth again:
 I  had a library-borrowed book titled The Experience of No Self (I think), penned by modern day mystic Bernadette Roberts, whose cover was graced by Hildegard's art.  The instant I saw the image I had to see who painted that! Turned out it was someone whose name I  never heard  before.  I will never forget my heart's leaping with joy because instantly I recognized the meaning/significance contained in that symbolism (based on personal experiences).  .   .
It was an image of a head/face with three wings - one of which was longer than the rest. It's span extended beyond the frames' border.

Mystic poetry is about connecting human psyche with the Kosmic Mind and its Love/Blissananda/Shakti/Satchitananda.  This in no way indicates one can 'make' someone else a 'mystic'. This stage, like any other,  must be earned. I paid my dues with years of  surrender to the Divine in solitude and  river of tears, before River of Light began pouring from my Crown chakra into world's hologram via subtle planes.  Mind likes to jump stages and cognitively land in Supermind, then convince itself it achieved the highest  evolutionary level.
That can't happen,  because supramental evolution lies outside the mind-line -- so it's not like reading a book about transcendence will  plug someone to Supermind and its Bliss (Satchitananda) in an embodied sense.  Mystic poetry can be inspiring . . .and that's a good thing!

In my post penned in 2012 titled Spiritual Power I wrote:
"My personal history is interlinked with St. Hildegard in quite mysterious way".
The 'mysterious way' continues, because today I saw her  description of  receiving "an extraordinary vision" - in which she revealed the "sparkling droplets of sweet rain", that John the Evangelist experienced..." -   confirms for me something no one else have.  (quote from 
 I too experienced - and chronicled here - seeing with eyes open 'crystal rain' . . . It was quite startling when long ago  while sitting in a shade in a sun-drenched afternoon, I saw what looked exactly like rainfall - the only difference was that this Energy has a crystal-like texture/quality...That was not the first time...Quite a few years ago, I opened the door  and thought "my laundry is on the line and it's raining!", before realizing it was sunny!
We have this in common - in  Hildegard's words:  "And I spoke and wrote these things not by the invention of my heart or that of any other person, but as by the secret mysteries of God I heard and received them in heavenly places."

This Work is perennially relevant. Many insist there is no way to prove the existence of  the Supreme Divine. Those I quote who are not in their physical body, rely on me to be their Voice now.   I bear witness to authentic Soul level Revelations, (which falls into Soul science category) and  have decades worth  of empirical evidence cross-referenced/verified by those who are spiritually qualified.

                       She Who Has No Name

Shall I praise your   name in verse and rhyme?
Would it please you if I walked the paths of one who knew
 you well on those distant shores of days gone by?
Is the radiant blue of Forget-me-not Spring's testimony to your Beauty?
Is the Essence of your Majesty captured in the splendor of a rainbow?
Can it be that the ecstasy of your creation is in every heart beat,
every sunset, sunrise, thunderstorm, and each blade of grass? . .
When the eyes of my eyes were opened I saw wonders that can't be spoken.
Is this why in your heart I found mine
And in your face I see a treasure?
Do the tears of joy as I contemplate you pay
tribute to your sweet embrace?
How can I proclaim this Glory when I'm
just a feather on the breath of God!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Why Do I Shout From the Heart

Few days ago I finished editing, Why Do I Share My Depth Data?  - and  realized  this topic could benefit from additional injection of emphasis on why our Work is important  in the Universal sense.  Emphasis  on why  what  authentically  God-realized people share is important,  from the perspective of  others. .  .
This is one way to say it - in Sri Aurobindo's words from The Life Divine:

Because the object sought after is not an individual achievement of divine realization for the sake of the individual, but something to be gained for earth-consciousness here, a cosmic, not solely a supra-cosmic achievement. The thing to be gained also is bringing in of Power of consciousness (the Supramental) not yet organized and made directly active.
* I want to say (again) that I 'sought nothing'. . .I had unsolicited  Kundalini Shakti awakening.
And, I decided to include few excerpts from book titled: One Taste - Daily Reflection on Integral Spirituality,  penned by Ken Wilber - published in 2000.
But first, I want to inject this  bio-note: In late 90's I sent a short note of appreciation for his work  to Wilber. He  has been hailed as 'the Einstein of consciousness', so timidly I told him my head 'lit up like the sun' (without going into any details/still have the rough copy)  and included couple of my poems. One poem titled  'She Who Has No Name', has this line in it:  "Wind whispering Truth through the ages". . . this is why when I saw him say (in One Taste):
"And so: given the measure of your own authentic realization, you were actually thinking about gently whispering into the ear of the near-deaf world?" +  "you must speak out to the best of your ability, and shake the spiritual tree, and shine your headlights into the eyes of the complacent". . .
I concluded he was speaking to me directly -- but not exclusively, obviously.
But. . . I had a long way to go before Kundalini Shakti completed performing  'cosmic makeover' on me, and  was ready to 'shout from the heart' - and  long before I got curious about Sri Aurobindo's work (which resonated with what I already knew).

The following excerpts are from section on Wisdom and Compassion:

^ All excellence is elitist. And that includes spiritual excellence as well. But spiritual excellence is an elitism to which all are invited.

^  I don't mean to be harsh here, and we must honor all lesser engagements . Nonetheless, you must have noticed  that the word "soul" is not the hottest item in the title of book sales--but all "soul" really means, in most of those books, is simply the ego in drag. "Soul" has come to denote, in this feeding frenzy of translative grasping, not that which is timeless in you but that which most loudly trashes around in time, and thus "care of the soul" incomprehensibly means nothing much more than focusing intensely on your ardently separate self. Likewise, "spiritual" is on everybody's lips, but usually all it really means is any intense egoic feeling, just as "heart" has come to mean any sincere sentiment of the self-contraction.

^  Thus, the authentic spiritual camps have the heart and soul of the great transformative traditions, and yet they will always do two things at once: appreciate and engage the lesser and translative practices (upon which their own successes usually depend), but also issue a thundering shout from the heart that translation alone is not enough.
And therefore, all of those for whom authentic transformation has deeply unseated their souls must, I believe, wrestle with the profound moral obligation to shout from the heart--perhaps quietly and gently, with tears of reluctance; perhaps with fierce fire and angry wisdom; perhaps with slow and careful analysis; perhaps by unshakable public example--but authenticity always and absolutely carries a demand  and duty:  you must speak out, to the best of your ability, and shake the spiritual tree, and shine your headlights into the eyes of the complacent. You must let that radical realization rumble through your veins and rattle those around you.
Alas, if you fail to do so, you are betraying your own authenticity. You are hiding your true estate. You don't want to upset others because you don't want to upset yourself. You are acting in bad faith, the taste of a bad infinity.
Because, you see, the alarming fact is that any realization of depth carries a terrible burden: Those who are allowed to see are simultaneously saddled with the obligation to communicate that vision in no uncertain terms: that is the bargain. You were allowed to see the truth under the agreement that you would communicate it to others (that is the ultimate meaning of the bodhisattva vow).