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Spiritual Evolution Beyond Nirvana

One who is interested in  Enlightenment grounded in multidimensional evolution and transcendence -- as revealed by the eternal self-Soul - will find the following excerpts interesting.  The meaning couched within these words  will  resonate with one who is committed to  developing their  spiritual intelligence.
In addition: I will add a reflection from the eternal self-Soul perspective that reaches beyond Nirvana.

These passages are from book penned by Ken Wilber, titled One Taste.

Well, anybody can say, 'All things are One,'  'All sentient beings posess Spirit,' 'All things are part of a great unified Web of  Life,' or 'Subject and object are nundual.' Anybody can say those things. The question is, do you directly and actually realize that? Are you speaking with any sort of awakened authority, or are these just words to you?
What if they are just words? What does it matter?
Well, spiritual realities involve not merely statements about the objective world, but also statements of  subjective facts, interior facts -- and for those statements to be true when they come out of your mouth, you must be directly in touch with those higher, interior facts, or else you are not being truthful, no matter how 'correct' the words might sound. It is the subjective state of the speaker, and not the content of the words, that determines the truth of the utterance. (...)

Most of my books are written about systems theory, Gaia, the Great Mother, ecopsychology, the new paradigm, and so on, are written with reference to the gross, waking state. You can easily tell  this because  they never mention any of the subtle realm phenomena -- nothing about the various meditative states, samadhis, interior illuminations, the extraordinary states of dream yoga, transcendental awareness, and so on. Nor do they mention the even higher states of causal formless. So when they claim to be 'holistic' and 'nondual,' they really aren't, not in the full sense. At best, they are at the level of nature mysticism, where consciousness is confined to union with the gross, waking state. This is fine as far as it goes, it just doesn't go very far. It is the shallowest of the spheres of mystical Oneness in the Great Nest of Spirit. (....)

So when somebody at the subtle level says 'All things are One,' they mean something different than when gross-level theorist says that. (...) Usually, when someone whose access consciousness is confined to the gross realm says 'All things are One,' they mean something like systems theory or ecopsychology -- they mean all empirical phenomena are aspects of a unified process. But when someone also has access to subtle-realm consciousness, they mean all empirical and all subtle phenomena are aspects of a unified process. This is much deeper and wider realization, which transcends and includes the gross realm.
So their consciousness is actually stronger.?
In a sense, yes. Their awareness does not blank out at the threshold of the dream state. Because of their own development and evolution of consciousness, they can remain 'awake' even as the dream arises -- or they can enter profound states of savikalpa samadhi and not go blank. And this 'strength'  of consciousness becomes even greater at the causal stage of development, because you reach a type of 'constant consciousness' or 'constant witnessing capacity,' which means you are 'awake' or conscious through all three major states -- waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. So consciousness becomes stronger and stronger, persisting through more and more changes of state, and this is reflected unmistakably in your life, your work, your theorizing, and so on. These signs are hard to miss. (...)

At the subtle stage you have access to a variety of forms of deity mysticism -- interior illuminations, nada, shabd, various samadhis or meditative states, saguna Brahman (Deity with Form), prayer of the heart, dream yoga, most of the bardo realms, and so on. This is the subtle realm of deity mysticism. Because the subtle-soul transcends but includes the gross-sensorimotor realm, at the level of deity mysticism you also have access to nature mysticism, so those are not exclusive. But the lower nature mystics tend to think you're nuts.
And the causal. . .
Is the home of formless mysticism -- pure Emptiness, the Abyss, the Unborn, ayn, nirdoh, nirvikalpa, jnana samadhi, classical Nirvana or cessation. This experience  (or 'nonexperience')  of cessation is unmistakable and indelible. And when somebody has directly experienced that state, and they are writing books spiritual books, believe me, they will write about that! And you will intuitively feel that they know what they're talking about. (....)

Once you push through causal formlessness -- which is the home of the pure Witness -- then the Witness itself collapses into everything that is witnessed through all three states. 


I do agree  that  what Ken Wilber describes is true, and/but need to add that,  Nirvana is not the last rung on the evolutionary ladder.
To truly understand what Soul-level Liberation means/is about, one has to be Initiated (on the Energy level)  to a much deeper  Mystery,  before one discovers what it means to be One with all beings in the visible and invisible domains, and what True Union of the Soul with the Essence of the Absolute Supreme,  means/is like.
Aurobidno's  words highlight  what needs to happen before one reaches this  (deeper) stage.

"By "void" is meant emptiness clear of all content except existence pure and simple. Without that one cannot realise the silent Brahman.  +   The silence still remains, but if you become full of force, light, Ananda, knowledge etc., you cannot call yourself blank any longer.

In addition: The following teaching 'on mechanism of descent' , is   something - as far as I know - no one else has written about.  Again,  I have no choice but say 'I bear witness to this, because this happened to me on the Soul level':

The Descent of Peace (Sat) the descent of Force of Power (Chit) the descent of Ananda, these are the four things that transform nature. It is not really the plane that descends, it is the Power and Truth of it that descends into the veil between the material and it no longer exists.  
Divine condition descends from above, is given by the Divine. (...) The higher spiritual planes create their own formulations in the subliminal in the depths within us. (but)  To know them, the Supermind must descend into us.

 * Aurobindo's qoutes from

Thousands of years of cross-cultural support from contemplative mystics/scientists bear witness to the fact that Enlightenment is not 'personal' . . . it is for the benefit of all beings in the visible and invisible realms, for the benefit of evolution of consciousness itself.

* Edit-expanded note:

I have written  about  'Cosmic Tonglen Duty'  in various posts, this is why don't feel the need to  bring it up  constantly --  even though  this is the context within which much of what I write about  arises  (on the energy level).  So briefly - without going into details of the hows' and whys' of it -   I want to add the following reflection. . .

One cannot know what  the 'beyond nirvana' truly (literally) means, unless one's Soul-Force (Universal Body) is on 'Cosmic Tonglen Duty'.  This happens when one's nervous system (all chakras)  uncoils to infinity. . . this is why I don't expect  many folks to  embrace the meaning within the words I write with full acceptance.
Maybe, if I were a male,  it would have been a different story.

Then again:

This blog has visitors from South Korea, China, and other lands, and I marvel.  .   .
Blessings to one and all  brave souls that stop by here 💗

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Quick Note (expanded)

* Edit-expanded 23/04
I am pretty busy with domestic affairs   - organizing, purging, etc. - because in few weeks I will be living in different city on the eighth floor.
I am excited!

I am glad I decided to edit-improve couple of very poorly written  posts today  (the post  originally titled : Synchronicity Post-Metaphysical, got changed to: Synchronicity Soul-Level Reflections).

 Some think what I describe (genuine mystical experiences)  is not 'real' - and I'm okay with that, since I am writing for souls who see value in what I share.
If curious . . .

*  Edit note

Decided to include couple of  qualifying quotes from Gopi Krishna and Aurobindo, to show that  Soul-Force  demands of us (ascended mystics) that we share our Depth's data results for the benefit of others.  We do this to demonstrate that the Ultimate Transcendence is beyond one's individual existence (this is why we do this without attachment to results).
We do this to remind folks that causes set in motion in one incarnation yield their results in later incarnation.

On 'mechanism of descent', Aurobindo said the following (and I agree)

The Descent of Peace (Sat) the descent of Force of Power (Chit) the descent of Ananda, these are four things that transform nature. It is not really the plane that descends, it is the Power of Truth of it that descends into the material and the veil between the material and it no longer exists.

Gopi Krishna in his book titled Kundalini for the New Age wrote this (and I agree)

The men and women who have undergone this transformation and now have this expanded consciousness and bright imagination are known to be in the Samadhi state of oneness with the cosmic consciousness. All the great mystics who have written on the subject have given their symptoms openly and plainly. That is the tradition. And from their descriptions, one can compare one's own condition.

Friday, February 24, 2017

She is Solitary

Earlier this month I wrote Emotions and Motivations,  and in today's post will  unpack further this topic.  I want to share  something I wrote last year (in another cyber address) in order  to show  that the Sacred Feminine  within our inner-most being  (our eternal self-Soul's Intelligence)  is pregnant with  super motivations  and  super emotions.  And when  we reach this (permanent)  state/stage of being, expression of this  Intelligence feels very natural. . .
Some  hang  their psychological projections  on me --  think,  'spiritual bypassing' is alive and well in me, because they can't imagine it is possible to be  genuinely nice -- and there is nothing I can do about it.
  *  Spiritual bypassing is about using spiritual beliefs to avoid dealing with painful feeling/unresolved childhood issues / developmental needs.


Spiritual Joy  is the  balanced Yin/Yang  (feminine/masculine) aspect within our being capable of   housing 'super emotions'  and it's counterpart 'super motivations'.  This  Energy is like the  Wind beneath our Angel wings (symbolically speaking)  that carries one's Action and Compassionate Caring into the world of Form.
I had no names for what  motivated  my  feelings  during those very intense years.  I was very much aware  that the High Priestess archetype  (in me) compelled me to perform many  ceremonial rituals with tear-producing  sincerity whose noble aims had everything to do with:  'for the benefit of others' . . . The only thing I  ever asked for myself was: Not Mine, Your Will Be Done!   (*this is about 'natural' surrender to Divine Will because my  heart was broken open.)

This Sacred Feminine archetype is the symbol of one's balanced masculine and feminine energies.
Neither dominating/controlling  or passive. 
She is the mediator of the passage into Reality's supramental Depth. .  . This inner-Guide's serenity, clear-seeing, wisdom and high intuition, has been my Guiding Light (*is everyone's Guide when you get in touch with it).   Her only Intention is to Serve all beings in all domains of life.
She doesn't crave to be seen, doesn't seek attention from others. . .
She desires to give  away everything, expecting to receive nothing in return.
She is Solitary. . .

*  Edit-expanded 13/04/2017

Decided to include couple of examples of  what  'super motivations' &  'super emotions'  experiences  are/were  like for me.  Mystical experiences like these   confirmed for me that my subconscious mind is not split from the surface mind.

1.  Years ago I-Soul was 'standing'  in the middle of  river's current flow . . .the instant I noticed some folks standing on river's bank I raised my right hand  and with the sign of the Holy Cross, Blessed them.

2.   I found myself on a boat with 'uncouth men'. . .without a thought of 'doing' anything at all, I found myself floating  away from the boat . . . The Water's turquoise quality shimmered invitingly. . . I turned towards the  men and with raised hand  Blessed their presence.

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Thank You!

This blog got a major makeover thanks to Stefano Mori. When he offered to do this for me, I was quite overwhelmed by such  spirit of generosity and politely declined.  He  said  to let him know should I change my mind.   .   . And I did.
Stefano  lives in the U.K. and his brilliant mind  remotely performed this  (to me) incomprehensible feat last year.   To this day I am in awe of  his 'artistic talent'  each time I come here. I could have written this Thank You note months earlier. . . In the spirit of  'it's better late then never' - and since I got his permission to mention his name -  today seems like a good day to do this.

I want to include (excerpt)  from my  email to Stefano.

I'm dropping in - have been meaning to for some time - that the more I hang out in my blog deleting and edit-improving, the more I like its overall appearance. It's hard to describe the feeling I get when looking at a post in its improved edit-form. . .I think the word 'tranquil' comes closest.
The white text against the soft blue background and the feather image look oh-so-tranquil, and I love it!   😊
Thank you very much for ALL that you have done for me, Stefano! I really, really appreciate your artistic talent and all the effort it took to create this type of cyber magic! 

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Communication of the Divine from the Source of its Nature

While ago I chanced upon Joseph Alexander's (video)  critiquing the film titled Zeitgeist (didn't see it)  directed by Peter Joseph, who managed to:  "reduce the phenomenon of religion to an ancient form of plagiary and sun worship"  -  and thought it might be an interesting topic for the not faint of heart.
Will  add, I completely agree with Joseph's analysis based on personal (mystical) experience and their contemplative conclusions  because:   he paints an entirely new picture of the ancient myths and religion, showing that myths not only have a biological basis, but are also doorways into the evolutionary goal of our species.

All ascended mystics shared their Depth data with the intention to inspire and uplift others in order they  may aspire to reach their highest potential.
I will  include several  quotes from Joseph's video and  include links to three of my key posts on same theme.

It is true that a large portion of mythology and religious scriptures fall into the origins category. These are narratives which recount the story of creation, either of the first humans or of primal earth - and personification of natural forces into gods. However, the most important category of mythology - and also most overlooked were ignored, is also the most obvious -- an interpretation of spiritual awakening and expansion of consciousness. This is the real secret of ancient myths.

Isis, Osiris, Horus and Seth were not just  vegetation or solar gods, they were symbolic representation of the different archetypes within the human soul. Isis represented the power of transformation and the virgin birth which is a symbol of sublimated sexual energy.

These symbols are communicated from inner planes of consciousness, which seek to guide humanity on the right path in order to transform the human body into a perfect instrument of Soul expression. As if from a cosmic seed, humanity is unfolding on this planet, destined to bloom into a cosmic conscious species. The sun and solar disc are more then just symbol of our planetary star - they are both iconic images (* High Archetypes)  analogous to mystical illumination expressing radiance of one who has entered into the state of Samadhi, or  Cosmic Consciousness.

In the case of the god RA, the golden disc sits on top of its head. Likewise, Isis is depicted with the white moon disc on her head - these head ornaments correspond to male and female archetypal energies, and the colors experienced in meditation.  This spiritual interpretation of the solar disc, as the mechanism responsible for inner illumination is more in line with the core teaching of ancient Egypt.  If the solar disc is simply a sun why would it be encircled by a Serpent.   (* Serpent /  some call  it the Knowledge Giver is the symbol for sublimated sexual energy).

Today, the greatest tragedy is not crimes committed by the religious establishment, or the international banking system, but by the tragic ignorance of our spiritual destiny. The real solution and road to happiness have always laid in knowledge of  one Self.

 With gratitude

* the last link is in need of edit-improvement because the 'ink' is too harsh on the eyes.

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Emotions & Motivations

Not all Visions  and mystical experiences have equal value because they come from different Mind-planes.  Based on  first-hand experiences, some  have the power-capacity to  directly plug one to the domain of Consciousness they originate from, others do  not.

All values, all ranking  and all judging are not equal  -   this is why in the court of law  (for instance) the judge doesn't  place behind prison bars  someone for 10 years, for stealing  bicycle.

Not all feelings and motivations are  equal, either.
I appreciate and agree completely  with  Ken Wilber's insight  the role   motivations and  emotions  play,  when  enacted from  a deeper/subtler sense-awareness.  I like that he used Aurobindo's  model to  highlight why  this topic is important -  why it ought to matter very much to spiritual practitioners.  Not  many people are aware of this, this is why I am  more then glad to  share what he said in:  What is Enlightenment magazine - The Guru and the Pandit, article (2005):

When Aurobindo talks about  intuitive mind and overmind and supermind, it's very telling that he uses the word mind. Because you can also say that there are intuitive emotions, and over-emotions, and super-emotions. The same with motivation -- there's intuitive motivation and over-motivation and super-motivation. So there are all those other lines of development that go up the hill with the mind line, or cognitive line.
But we still find that the cognitive line is usually necessary for these other lines to stick. If you don't have intuitive mind awakened, and overmind awakened, and supermind awakened, the emotions won't stick up there -- they'll come and go. And the higher motivations won't stick -- they'll come and go.

* Want to add that people who hanker after worldly status, admiration and such, are  not ready to  embody 'higher  motivations and emotions'.  Saint-like simple folk, are another story.  


This is  how Aurobindo described  the (intuitive)  Illumined mind, Overmind and Supermind:

1.    The Illumined Mind does not work primary by thought, but by vision; thought is here only a subordinate movement expressive of sight. The human mind, which relics mainly by thought is secondary and not indispensable process. In its form of verbal thought, it can almost be described as a concession made by knowledge  to the Ignorance.  +   Illumined Mind is the vehicle through which the Divine Light and Power come down to be transmitted to the human consciousness and from there they work and prepare the transformation of the human consciousness and even the physical nature.

2.   At the source of . . . Intuition we discover a superconscient Mind in direct contact with the supramental Truth-Consciousness, an original intensity determined of all movements below it and all mental energies -- not Mind as we know it, but an overmind that covers as with the wide wings of some creative Oversoul this whole lower hemisphere its brilliant golden Lid it veils the face of the greater Truth from our sight, intervening with its flood of infinite possibilities as at once an obstacle and a Power that at once connects and divides the supreme Knowledge and the cosmic Ignorance.

3.   The essential character of Supermind is a Truth-Consciousness which knows by its own inherent nature, by its own Light; it has not to arrive at knowledge but possess it. +
Supermind is an eternal reality of the divine Being and the divine Nature.

* (Gist)  Passages  from The Life Divine  -  quoted with permission from: +
Snippet on Supermind,  possibly from

Edit note 05/04/2017 -  Decided to include  link for one who may be curious to read what Aurobindo wrote in The Life Divine, chapter titled: The Ascent Towards Supermind,